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    We all live in different countries, on different continents,
  Helicopter Lease miles and miles away from each other. Some of us are  
  Company Profile used to trains, buses and underground. Some prefer  
to travel in their own cars on motorways. Most of us  
do not even think that there are other places with large  
Mil-8 Family
terrains of desert, marshes or wild rain forests. Places  
  Mil-26 where the only way to cross or to get to your destination  
  An-74 is by air. Whatever the reason for flying there - from food    
  IL-76 or water supply, to evacuating casualties or firefighting,    
  Contacts we help companies and individuals to get the most    
    suitable aircraft they need for their business, on time    
    and wherever they are - making connections between
    aircraft providers, owners and operators    
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